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Seamless Pattern Generator

Create repeatable patterns from a single shape or image for your product branding.

Open Seamless Pattern Generator
Seamless Pattern Generator
260 pre-made shapes

260 pre-made shapes

Easily choose one of the 250 pre-made shapes to form unique patterns.

With our seamless pattern maker, create a seamless pattern in 5 seconds, literally!

Import Your Image

Import Your Image

Easily import your JPG or PNG images and form seamless patterns with them. SVG import will be supported soon.

Customise Everything!

Customise Everything!

Adjust the auto-recommended colors, scale your pattern, rotate and skew it. You can even customise the spacing between the images!

Add Filters

Add Filters

Everyone loves color filters. But we offer more than that. Add eye-catching grain and blur effects to make your pattern pop.

Custom Dimensions

Custom Dimensions

Adjust the pattern’s dimensions easily. Use specific ratio presets or add specific dimensions to fit your pattern anywhere.

Hi fellow creator!

I'm Jim, the founder, designer & engineer behind the MagicPattern toolbox.

For many years, I was struggling to create engaging visuals for products, branding and interfaces. Their creation required pro design skills or many hours of practice.

That's why I build MagicPattern. My mission is to help people create pro graphics with no effort and no prior design knowledge.

- Jim Raptis
Jim Raptis, MagicPattern Founder & CEO

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