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How to Use Background Patterns

Find out ways to use MagicPattern and make your background beautiful and your clients happy.

Login page with patterns on the right

For Web Design

The impact of visual in landing pages and hero sections is huge. Easily use MagicPattern to add flair to your landing page and the other pages.

Mobile app decorated with patterns

For Apps

Easily brand apps with unique patterns. Different kind of patterns for different section, yet with the same branding components.

Various social media templates with pattern as background

For Social Media posts

Your digital presence is the extension of your business and a key to your growth. Grab user attention in social media with unique background patterns.

Neat poster design with a geometric pattern

For Printables

Perfect patterns for your next poster, flyer or business card. Decorate your printable assets with a few clicks.

Preview your next background 👇

Hi fellow creators!

I'm Jim, the founder, designer & engineer behind the MagicPattern toolbox.

For many years, I was struggling to create engaging visuals for products, branding and interfaces. Their creation required pro design skills or many hours of practice.

That's why I build MagicPattern. My mission is to help people create pro graphics with no effort and no prior design knowledge.

- Jim Raptis

Create Unlimited Graphics
In Seconds.

The easiest way to brand your business uniquely

  • Brand your product, website, business uniquely.
    Create Unlimited Beautiful backgrounds.

  • Features

    Geometric Patterns

    Seamless Patterns

    Unique Gradients

  • Use Cases

    For Designers

    For Developers

    For Marketers

    For Illustrators

    For Entrepreneurs

  • Free Tools

    CSS Patterns

    Blob Generator

    Doodle Backgrounds

    Social Media Templates

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