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How to import your color palette

Written by Jim Raptis

Aug 13, 2021

How to import your color palette

Bring your own or your clients' color palettes into MagicPattern in 3 simple steps in less than 20 seconds!

It's a handy way to re-use color palettes across all MagicPattern tools.

1. Open Your Brand Guidelines

Open the brand guidelines page in the MagicPattern platform.

notion image

2. Click the "Create New" Button

In the Color Palettes section, click the top right button to open the color palette creation modal.

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3. Import Your Color

You're gonna need the HEX color codes from your color palettes. Then you have two options to import them:

  1. Import each color individually (one after the other)
  1. Bulk import all the colors by filling in all the hex codes separated by commas
notion image

Your color palette is ready!

Now, your color palette is saved and you can re-use it in all of MagicPattern PRO tools.



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