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How to create a polka dot pattern

Written by Jim Raptis

Aug 26, 2021

How to create a polka dot pattern

The polka seamless pattern is the ultimate trend on design & landing pages lately.

The good news is that you can easily create and customize a pattern like that in minutes with MagicPattern.

This short guide walks you through the steps to recreate a polka pattern with the Seamless Pattern tool.



What is a polka dot pattern?

A polka dot pattern is...

notion image

📼 TLDR: Watch the quick tutorial video


1. Choose the circle SVG shape

notion image

In the "Choose patter" menu, open the shape's gallery by clicking the "Choose from 250+ shapes" button.

Then, find and select the circle shape.

2. Edit the canvas size

notion image

In the "Canvas Size" menu, you can customize the canvas dimensions & ratio.

3. Customize the pattern attributes

notion image

You can customize the colors under the "Colors" menu.

notion image

Then, you can adjust the spacing between the shape repeats and increase/decrease the entire pattern scaling.


4. Export your polka pattern

notion image

While exporting, it's super easy to adjust the pattern to your favorite social media platform sizes.


Then, you can export your pattern in JPG, PNG, or CSS format. If you prefer a transparent pattern (without the background), select the PNG format and select the option 'Remove background'.

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