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Color Presets and New Geometric Patterns

Written by Jim Raptis

Sep 4, 2020

Color Presets and New Geometric Patterns

Today, I wanna share some product news with you while working from home (as millions of other people do)!

It was a crazy week for MagicPattern! We moved from 100 to 3k users rapidly and received hundreds of empowering messages. All these pushed me harder to deliver real value to all of you.

These are the 3 new features for MagicPattern:

🔥 New premium patterns

notion image

The pattern packs are populated with 4 new unique patterns. My goal is to reach 20 patterns during the next month.


📐 Spacing attribute

notion image

Now, you're able to apply custom horizontal and vertical spacing between the pattern tiles. It's a great way to make your patterns even more unique!

Stay tuned, many more are coming!

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MagicPattern Geometric Patterns Editor Preview

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