Amaze clients with unique geometric patterns

When you need a unique background, MagicPattern is the app that brings it to life. From branding products to websites, MagicPattern gives you the creative power to captivate an audience — no design skills required.

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Possible ways to use background pattern in web design and marketing

Meet the Editor

Generate unlimited high quality background patterns for your clients and your products

Possible ways to use pattern in digital design

Save Time & Money

Custom illustrations need a lot of time, high fees or both of them. Take control of your graphics by utilizing our easy and straightforward editor.

Export in JPG, PNG, and SVG format, or grab the CSS snippet!

Display the available premade patterns in MagicPattern

Unlimited Variations

Every background must be unique! Let us worry about that. Add the brandind palette of your client and enjoy unlimited unique patterns.

Preview social media templates with patterns

Social Media Branding

Visuals have an enormous impact on the success of your content marketing and social media campaigns. Yet it's a time consuming process.

Use our free Figma Logo Figma templates and customize them with unique patterns!

How to create custom pattern packs with your own branding shapes

Create your own packs

Every client has its own branding guidelines. Upload custom SVG elements and form background patterns specifically for your client.

People who already love MagicPattern

Designing patterns is a big headache to me, thanks to Magic Pattern it gives me the flexibility to create different kind of geometric patterns in one go!


Hannah Milan

Product Designer

Creating fun background patterns is a chore. I keep tweaking them forever and never know when they're "done". MagicPattern flips that on its head. I choose the dimensions and colors, and MagicPattern takes care of the pattern. Refresh a few times and you're done!


Kilian Valkhof

Founder Polypane

Patterns are a fantastic way to breathe life into your designs. MagicPatterns makes it easy by generating tons of variations in your brand colors.


John Armstrong

UX designer

Simple, transparent pricing

Create professional art without paying the $100 per graphic fee of a pro designer!

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  • 250 custom shapes

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For Freelancers


Billed $160 $120 per year
  • 1 account

  • Unlimited downloads

  • Fully-editable patterns

  • Image & code exports

  • 250 custom shapes

  • Custom Packs

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MagicPattern saves you
time and money

I usually need 10 backgrounds per month

By using MagicPattern:



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