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Beautiful Graphics
with 10+ tools.
Instantly & Effortless!

Create unique graphics for social media posts, landing pages and branding in a few clicks. Then export them as images, or even code (SVG & CSS).

No design skills required.

No credit card required.

Free tier included.

Possible ways to use background pattern in web design and marketing

Used by 20000+ people in large companies and agencies

Meet the Toolbox

Generate unlimited high quality background graphics for your clients and your products

Fractal Glass Effect Generator – By the MagicPattern design toolbox
Open Fractal Glass Generator
Neatly Organize Your Assets with MagicPattern

Neatly Organize Your Assets

Create, Save & Edit your graphics in no time. Access them from all your devices, either your desktop or your mobile.

Rich Exporting Options! with MagicPattern

Rich Exporting Options!

MagicPattern offers a wide variety of export options which depends on the tool you use.

Export your graphics in JPG, PNG, and SVG format to use them as images, or grab the CSS snippet and embed it directly to your code.

Use Your Brand Guidelines with MagicPattern

Use Your Brand Guidelines

Create your custom color palettes and upload your own brand elements (images, SVG) to brand your graphics uniquely

Soon you'll be able to upload your logo and brand your assets with a click.

People who already love MagicPattern

Designing patterns is a big headache to me, thanks to Magic Pattern it gives me the flexibility to create different kind of geometric patterns in one go!

Hannah Milan

Hannah Milan

Product Designer

Creating fun background patterns is a chore. I keep tweaking them forever and never know when they're "done". MagicPattern flips that on its head. I choose the dimensions and colors, and MagicPattern takes care of the pattern. Refresh a few times and you're done!

Kilian Valkhof

Kilian Valkhof

Founder, Polypane

As a web designer, finding a way to create unique backgrounds, patterns and logos efficiently is something I was constantly in search of. Magic Pattern helps accomplish that quickly and easily, while still allowing my design work to stand out.

Steven Orechow

Steven Orechow

Web designer

Since subscribing to MagicPattern, it’s proven to be an invaluable part of our Agency Toolkit. We’ve used the platform for social media marketing, video thumbnails, and design projects. MagicPattern saves us a ton of time and money, helping us complete previously labor intensive tasks in a couple of clicks.

James LePage

James LePage

Founder, Isotropic

MagicPattern is a service that can simplify and speed up the design process of any product be it a website or your business card, all thanks to the provided premade templates and intuitive editors. Read more

Kate Gross review

Kate Gross

Manager at

I've been using MagicPattern for years now, and I'm totally impressed by the work the team has put into this product.

I'm able to create really cool headers for our website, and social media posts. The interface is very intuitive and it's a beautifully designed dashboard to manage all of your design assets.

I really encourage designers to try this out, their Figma plugin has been very helpful.

Nathan Windsor review

Nathan Windsor

Founder, Landslide Network

Hi fellow creator!

I'm Jim, the founder, designer & engineer behind the MagicPattern toolbox.

For many years, I was struggling to create engaging visuals for products, branding and interfaces. Their creation required pro design skills or many hours of practice.

That's why I build MagicPattern. My mission is to help people create pro graphics with no effort and no prior design knowledge.

- Jim Raptis
Jim Raptis, MagicPattern Founder & CEO

Create Unlimited Graphics
In Seconds.

The easiest way to brand your business uniquely

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