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Unique Gradients

Create unique mesh and blurry gradients for posters, landing pages and product branding.

Mesh Gradient Tool

Create unique mesh gradients with warped colors in a few clicks.

Choose your prefered color palette and create jaw-dropping gradient now

Blurry Gradient Tool

You've already seen these blurry organic gradient at top product. Now you don't need to be a pro designer to create them.

Choose your color tone and our tool generates a unique blurry gradient for you or your client.

Add Filters

Everyone loves color filters. But we offer more than that. Add eye-catching grain and blur effects to make your gradient pop.

Export Options

Export your gradients in a few clicks. Adjust quality and choose your favorite format (PNG or JPG)!

The PNG export allows you to remove the background too!

Hi fellow creators!

I'm Jim, the founder, designer & engineer behind the MagicPattern toolbox.

For many years, I was struggling to create engaging visuals for products, branding and interfaces. Their creation required pro design skills or many hours of practice.

That's why I build MagicPattern. My mission is to help people create pro graphics with no effort and no prior design knowledge.

- Jim Raptis

Create Unlimited Graphics
In Seconds.

The easiest way to brand your business uniquely

  • Brand your product, website, business uniquely.
    Create Unlimited Beautiful backgrounds.

  • Features

    Geometric Patterns

    Seamless Patterns

    Unique Gradients

  • Use Cases

    For Designers

    For Developers

    For Marketers

    For Illustrators

    For Entrepreneurs

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    CSS Patterns

    Blob Generator

    Doodle Backgrounds

    Social Media Templates

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