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Why design matters in 2020

Written by Jim Raptis

Oct 5, 2020

Why design matters in 2020

Design and aesthetics become an integral part for every business. Every aspect of a digital business is closely connected with a kind of design. Your user interface (UI), your social media posts, your expensive ads, or even your actual branding.

Why design is important#

You have already experienced the impact of good design in your everyday life. How many times have you bought a product or a service due its cool design? You're not the only one obviously!

It's a fact that people tend to trust more products with a beautiful visual appearance. Good design goes hand in hand with higher conversions and satisfied customers.

How to make your business stand out#

Branding is a really important aspect of your business. It's not a metric but can easily make your business stand out among your competitors!

Yet many companies don't pay the necessary respect to their visual identity. The result can be disastrous when new customer have numerous alternative options and aren't active engaged with your product!

A simple extension of branding comes into your every day graphics. Social media posts, ads and presentation should highlight your branding and raise your brand awareness!

Make your graphics pop#

The easiest way to leverage design and move your business forward is to create an engaging branding. In house design teams or external digital agencies can help you build a meaningful brand identity.

Create the branding guidelines and form your unique branding. Then, you have to leverage these guidelines and hook them up into your every day graphics.

That's exactly where MagicPattern comes into use. Utilize these brand guidelines and create graphics in bulk. Then, use these unique graphics and pattern to make your design materials beautiful with a few clicks. That easy!


Investing in design may not have an instant return but has cumulative benefits. In the longterm, your customer satisfaction will increase and they will build a stronger connection with your own brand. Design indirectly helps you optimize the conversion funnel.

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