MagicPattern as an alternative to Unsplash

Written by Jim Raptis

Oct 6, 2020

What is Unsplash?#

Unsplash is a website dedicated to sharing stock photography. Their growing library includes over 2 million photos from over 207,000 contributing photographers. It's the perfect place to find beautiful, free images and photos for any project and any client.

Why is MagicPattern an awesome alternative to Unsplash?#

Free stock graphics are great. But they come with a great price!

You end up sharing saturated graphics with numerous other businesses or competitors. Your branding is not unique and you slowly !

MagicPattern comes to the rescue!

You can create unique graphics for you agency or your clients that fit your branding. It's super easy to even import your own SVG shapes and generate unlimited abstract backgrounds for your business.

Your graphics support your branding while you save valuable time and you can focus on the important stuff of your business!


PriceFreeStart at \$9

Create Unlimited Backgrounds
In Seconds.

The easiest way to brand your business uniquely

  • Brand your product, website, business uniquely.
    Create Unlimited Beautiful backgrounds.

  • Features

    Geometric Patterns

    Seamless Patterns

    Upload Pack

    Code & Image Export


  • Use Cases

    For Designers

    For Developers

    For Marketers

    For Illustrators

    For Entrepreneurs

  • Tools

    CSS Patterns

    Social Media Templates

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